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Madison Middle School

3429 45th Avenue SW

Seattle WA 98116

206/ 829-8349


All Souls is a church in and for the city.

We’re a new worshipping community rooted in the belief that the historic Christian gospel is true, compelling, and promises to change our lives powerfully toward freedom, wholeness, and hope.

We seek to embody and articulate this gospel of grace, bringing about spiritual, social, and cultural renewal in Seattle and, through it, the world.

  Sundays at 10 am  /  3429 45th Ave SW, Seattle  /  How Can I Know God?    

Annual Neighborhood Picnic

Sunday, August 23

Bring a friend, and join us for lunch on the Lincoln Park waterfront

Join a Home Group this fall

This is where we celebrate and build community around things that matter; where we grow, become known, and can serve each other, together in Christ. Learn more.

Volunteer with City Serve

Learn about our mercy/relief partners